Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okay, so that's not a word. I won't be teaching Abby words like strategery or ignorarrogance. But I have been a bit elusive. Someone stopped me at church and said I hadn't written all week. There are 2 reasons for that:
1. I was at a conference for pastoral/leadership staff for several days.
2. No one comments on my posts so I have no idea you are reading it.

Please, follow and I love to see your comments! It makes me think I am not just writing to myself. :-) Wait, I might be..but you are reading this, so I am not just writing to myself...right?

So as far as this past week is concerned, I am afr
aid I was a miserable failure. Well, I just had bad timing in starting all of this. I had the Trunk or Treat thing last weekend, then I had bunches of housework following that. We got some stuff done Monday-Wednesday. And just when I was in the groove, the conference started Thursday, so the kids went o Miss Donna's a.k.a their favorite place in the world and they did some work there. My conference was awesome. With the ministry that I have, it's hard to get away some times and just worship the Lord. I truly had one of those heart filling, mountain-top type experiences. I needed it because burnout happens so easily. If you've never heard Francis Chan or Matt Chandler speak, I would encourage you to listen to a sermon or two online. Wow. Anyway, back to church today and we shall have a productive week this week hopefully now that everything has calmed down. I will leave you with a picture or two (or more) for fun.

Will working on his times tables.
My Abby girl
Conference fun-ness