Friday, December 17, 2010

Lights and a Candle burning

This year has been weird. We started it off at our old house by leaving up our Christmas lights because they died as soon as my husband hung them. Last Christmas was so strange and sad that I am glad to have a new beginning this year in a new location. We never leave the Christmas lights up on the house - but that is just a prime example of how our life has been this year (with truly no signs of slowing in the next year and a half). We are burning the candle at both ends out of necessity. I don't like it much but it's the way it is for now. Things will have to change eventually because I don't believe that any one family can do this forever. I mean, I don't really do anything. I guess I work on the weekends and I home-school during the week and keep the house and my other things that I do -but it's not that much. I think the idea of what I do stresses me out than the actual things that I do. Does that make sense?
(That One's friend that she said goodbye to. She went
back home to Papua New Guinea)