Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A month in pictures..

I think it has been awhile. I am not sure how long - but I am sure you missed me terribly. Yep.

My BFF-4EVER and I loaded up our 6 kids and took them to Nordstrom. Crazy? Yes. Fun? yes.

The first nice day this year we decided to grill hamburger and have a backyard picnic.

He ate that burger like a champ.
The girls enjoyed it very much.

My BFF-4EVER and I also had a yard sale. Annabelle and Kamron had a lemonade stand. They are quite convincing and they sold a couple of jugs of lemonade that day even though it was chilly!
They are pretty adorable.

I got a year older last week so I indulged to make myself feel better. I baked this cake. I hadn't baked in a long time (see below). It is fresh strawberry cake with fresh strawberry icing. Yummy!
Actually, I had several cakes. Make that 3 and also a set of brownie cheesecake bites.
And friends brought me beautiful flowers! I love my friends.

Wes and I attended a Dean's list honor luncheon.
I am going to miss the beautiful campus after he graduates.
He also got his cap and gown!

This blog post is almost finished, I promise!

Look at that lasagna get all bubbly in my brand new Whirlpool double oven!!!!!! Stop drooling!
Random pictures from ny birthday party at Beaumont Ranch...
Will likes pool.
Yep, that's me riding a mechanical bull.
Yep, that's me after I fell off...
Annabelle did it, too. She didn't ride until she fell off. She just rode it and got off when she was ready to stop. She sure was brave!
I hope you enjoyed this month in pictures! I love your comments!