Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Staycation

We had a big storm a few weeks ago that knocked out our power and made our neighborhood nearly unlivable. We decided to go against my cheapskate tendencies and we took the little kids to a hotel (the biggest one was at a friend's house). It had a pool and hot tub inside, an indoor play place and lots of cable tv. It was a super duper treat for us!
Daddy delivered pizza to us. We ate it all over the hotel room!Ahhhh. The life.
He wore himself out swimming and is snuggled into fresh sheets. So sweet!

Daddy went to get milk and cookies which we ate in bed. We had 2 double beds in the room but, of course we woke up with 4 people in our bed. ;-)

We came home to lots of this. Chainsaws for days and so many trees lost. Our grass and my rose bush are getting more sun these days though....


Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ahhhhhh...... Life in the Fish Bowl.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nesty nesty

There was a saying growing up in our family, 'when you are born you get a Christmas stocking'. Well in this house, you get a stocking - and one of these.

You know that point you get to where you aren't sick any more and you feel like you are well-rested (for the most part, anyway)... I am there. Now I am preparing some things that I have been meaning to get to (and frankly would probably have already tackled had I not been so ill the past few months).

*Clean out both the hall closets - done!
*Printed out pictures from last fall to now - done!
*Kept up with laundry and found the missing socks - done!
*Gone through the kids clothes for the coming season - done!
*Cleaned up the garage and donated stuff - done!
*Made room for bulk food - done!
*Planted a flower bed - done!
*Cleaned out under the couches - done! (okay, This One did it...)
*organized and started putting clothes in bins for the boys' closet - done!

I still have several closets left to clean out. The office needs major help along with it's own closet, I could really stand to organize my bakeware under the cabinet. I have a long way to go. But, I have an entire summer and a list so I am prepared!

Once I tackle a few of those I have another list to work on. Baby stuff. I gave away a lot of stuff so I am trying to think practically what I will use. I am quite the minimalist when it comes to baby gear, I suppose. I know a need is for clothes - but I guess I have forgotten that babies need a bath seat and baby towels and swings and such. Its so easy to forget those things when you have mentally moved on. For now, I'll be plugging along on my project list of purging and organizing and simultaneously making a mental list of things to accumulate. It works, right?
Funny Story about this picture. I Googled 'messy baby nursery' to make a point of how if I don't clean up now, I won't get to it for another year. Funny, only pictures like this one popped up. All completely serene and beautiful and organized and perfect baby nurseries. Not a single, solitary messy one. Really, to prove my point, I guess you'll have to look past Google's ridiculously absurd idea of 'messy baby nursery' and imagine the opposite - that's what will happen if I don't do what I am doing now. ;-)

Ta-Ta for now!