Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Washing the car

 We finally found daddy a car.
 So we worked hard to scrub it (throw towels at it and watch it splat).
 This one (I hear) is really good at detailing. I haven't seen it for myself (too hot today- 106 degrees).
 But I do hear it. Usually from others. If you've seen my car, you know.
 "Hey, I've got a sweet ride, too!"
 This kid loves messy fun. He is so delightful!
We love Daddy!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Plugging away...

 Impromptu Snowcones!
 Foot race with Grandpa
 Swimming with friends
Chatting with Daddy & students

Senior High Camp!

We are dutifully plugging away at our list - a few things have changed or have been put on the back burner. We've found other new things to replace old ones on the list, some we are saving for daddy. But that's okay, we are having fun and keeping very busy! Most nights I collapse into my bed. I thank the Lord for that because I could very easily get lonely at night missing daddy and our late night snacking and tv ritual we've held onto for years. 

My goal this summer, in the words of my sweet hubby, is to
 "chew up bones of life and suck the marrow out" - loose translation. :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012


When the family is intact, it takes a lot of wheedling for the enemy to tear it apart - assuming the family is deeply rooted in the Lord. However, consider that the family is 8,000 miles apart. What then? When a family is apart, it leaves itself open to attack.

 While on our hopefully-twice-a-day Skype dates, I have learned to talk more intensely with my husband and ask him lots of questions because, while at home, our relationship is really about survival (and decidedly, somewhat superficial, unfortunately). When he isn't here to jump in on loading the dishwasher or changing the baby, I have to dig deeper to find common ground.

 Reluctantly, I brought up how I was handling the house by myself (not wanting to hurt my pride). I told him about how I had been isolated and had been hearing lots of lies in my head about my worth, my relationships, my ability, etcetera. He looked amazed because he told me he had been hearing a whole lot of lies as well. Lies about his ability as a teacher, his inadequacies, his preparedness, lack of communication, etcetera.  He said it was so odd that we both struggled that day (we are on different "days" mind you). His team leaders had spent time at length that day encouraging them that when you are thrown into a weird culture where you cannot communicate and you are alone, the attack is so much louder in your head. It's practically the only 'voice' you hear and understand!

How odd that we both felt led to this whole scenario of a teaching trip and felt peace about it - despite how crazy it sounded. It must be growing us in a way we aren't completely aware of yet. Keep us in your thoughts.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Happiness is...

...a bowl of fresh figs.