Thursday, September 16, 2010

slight musings

*That One said (while dropping off her older sister at church) "We are going to see my peeps."

*When Mommy is sick, it takes 4 times as long to reconcile the destruction than it would take to clean up regular, every day destruction.

*You know you have a superb babysitter when she suggests you have more children.

*I miss having a dog. Sometimes.

*Its funny how, at certain points in your life everyone you know simultaneously blows you off. It makes you qustion who your friends are... or even if you had any - even your acquaintances. Sad, really. It makes you very much depend on the Lord.

*I hate flies with every fiber of my being.

* I miss being a kid. I want to magically transform myself back to the 80's sometimes.

*I have fallen in love with Clinique. Yikes.

* We are having a yard sale it it was my husband's idea. The world came to a screeching halt.