Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Staycation

We had a big storm a few weeks ago that knocked out our power and made our neighborhood nearly unlivable. We decided to go against my cheapskate tendencies and we took the little kids to a hotel (the biggest one was at a friend's house). It had a pool and hot tub inside, an indoor play place and lots of cable tv. It was a super duper treat for us!
Daddy delivered pizza to us. We ate it all over the hotel room!Ahhhh. The life.
He wore himself out swimming and is snuggled into fresh sheets. So sweet!

Daddy went to get milk and cookies which we ate in bed. We had 2 double beds in the room but, of course we woke up with 4 people in our bed. ;-)

We came home to lots of this. Chainsaws for days and so many trees lost. Our grass and my rose bush are getting more sun these days though....