Saturday, March 19, 2011

Container Gardening

We were out today when "This One" announced from the backseat that she'd like to try a tomato plant this year. I have been seeing lots of gardening posts from my friends on my favorite social network site. I have been a bit jealous because I have had so much going on lately that I felt lke this was not my year to try to tackle a garden. Her idea of a plant in a pot, though, sounded very easy to me. Of course, her suggestion was great and the little kids wanted to do one, too! So, we turned the van around and headed straight for the Walmart Garden center where we each picked out a plant (minus myself - I am the irrigation supervisor).
Potting is good, dirty fun for a 2 year old boy!
I helped the "Other One" pick a canteloupe. I have no idea how a canteloupe will do in a container... (or any of them, frankly)
"That One" picked a strawberry. It looks good, too!
She is always good for a pose. :-)
And here is the idea starter - a cherry tomato plant! Her favorite!

I am not going to get emotionally involved like I did 3 years ago when my sweet little summer squash plants that I lovingly raised from seed failed to produce fruit! I won't! I won't!

Oh yeah, and as not to miss out on the fun, Daddy wanted a jalapeno plant. Ta-Da!