Thursday, May 20, 2010

A *Cup*le Observations...

I've recently become friends with some of Amy's preschool and homeschool moms on Facebook. Added to my own group of over 25, I've got to tell you - quite a few blantant cliche abuses of this beverage made popular by rebellion of the colonists against the tea tax. Now I'll give you that it is wonderful, I used to make myself two or three cups from leftover grounds and stay up all night. In addition, I just found out this week that I have strong genetic tendancies towards coffee, in my ancestor's country of Denmark - they consume more coffee per capita than anywhere else in the world.

But come on people, you can love it (just be cool about your habit) - these are some of the extreme quotes from moms I've heard...

1. Let's get the coffee IV started right now!
2. Aw, I feel like someone switched me to decaf.
3. I'm on my X cup of coffee today. (X>2)
4. Where's the nearest Starbucks? There would have been a time when this would have been a ridiculous question, they are actually fairly scarce these days.
5. I need more coffee! I always thought you just drank a cup, singular.
6. Enjoying my coffee by the Y. (Y=a place besides work that I would love to be)
7. Coffee, pajamas, good book = happy place. I know, I wouldn't mind myself.
8. Ew... Folgers! Yuck. (Kirkland's organic blend is the best from what I hear.)
9. Dunkin Donuts has the best coffee. (Why would you go to a donut place for coffee?)

And last but not least...

When you're swerving all over the road in your Chrysler minivan and the officer comes to your window.

10. Sorry officer, I've had a lot of coffee today. (Just kidding, that never happened)

And... Amy said I should have blogged this when it was freshly brewed in my mind.