Friday, February 25, 2011

...the Cover Up.

Me and My Husband at Lake Joe Pool playing for the day
I've got lots of posts swirling around in my head. My best option for now is to take the add-some-pictures-and-elaborate method. Maybe I will be better at writing down my thoughts one of these days so I remember them once I sit down to the computer.

This is the front yard at Penn Farm, a historical farm that was established in the 1850's.
My son liked the tractor.
This One posing in front of an old barn. She has been growing so much. Just last night I heard her reading a chapter book from her top bunk to That One in the bottom bunk. It was really sweet considering they can't stand each other! It encourages me that I can possibly make it having 4 children and not end up like Darla Routier.

That One has had this bike for a year or two. She gave up on it a long time ago. Recently, she has been asking to pull it out and ride it. She is getting pretty fierce about her ability to do it. She went up some pretty difficult hills at the state park! To top it, off she is officially reading now! She has taken just a bit longer but it makes me that much more proud of her.
While the others were fishing, me and The Other One decided to walk by the water and throw rocks in. There has always been something about water that leaves me breathless (no pun intended). It has drawn me near since I can remember. When I was younger, I used to believe it was because my sign, Aries - which is a fire sign- had something to do with my attraction to water to "cool" me off. Of course, that kind of stuff is not true. I think I just like water, just like some people think snow is refreshing. Blech, snow. *shudder* Okay, moving on...
The Other One sure nows how to make fishing stressful. I got so many glares from the other people fishing. He was being so busy. This One constantly was telling him to stop messing with her line.
That One makes going fishing cute. :-)

Enjoying the nice weather.
So, this picture doesn't quite belong. See that shirt she is wearing? It's not really a shirt. It is a swimsuit cover-up. What? You didn't now they made swimsuit cover-ups that don't cover your bottom? Well, that's because they don't. It is an infants cover-up that is a size18 months. Yep, she got that for her first birthday from my aunt, I believe. It fits her perfectly still. She wears it as a shirt and no one can ever tell me that we are wasteful and frivelous - ever. Okay? We use everything we have in more creative ways than you can imagine. I am pretty sure that is the only way we've survived the last 6 years of marriage and family life!

I am taking a social media hiatus for now so feel free to call or text me!