Monday, October 25, 2010

A few random things in picture form

At the Fair!

Hello there Bloggies! I was informed via email that my email was a bit too...hmm, honest (not quite the word that was used..). So I decided to post a few things that happened with our family over the last month in picture form. No more bleeding heart posts for awhile, I guess!

Our Sunday School at church threw an "80's Rad Roller Skate Party" and I was priviledged to be able to help plan it. It was.... RAD!

Me and my friend Laura

Note the awesome pink legwarmers. I couldn't find a banana clip or a BeDazzler..

Rock me Amadeus
Every rose has it's thorn
We went to the Great State Fair of Texas. We each had the obligatory Fletchers Corny Dog. All except the high maintenance wanna-be-vegetarian kid. She had fries..

Elsie. :-)

So apparently, there isn't a picture of the oldest kid eating a corny dog here. Probably because she had a chicken fried steak sandwich... So it wasn't only the high-maintenance one that didn't have a corny dog.

'Till next year Big Tex!