Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's the small things in life

I bought this pretty white Crockpot a few years ago for myself. It was a 5 qt oval one that I got for $19.99. I was so proud of that Crockpot. I used it several times a week whether I was home all day or not. Over time, the poor thing has deteriorated. First, it got very rusty inside. Then I had a hard time keeping it clean (DUH, because the inside was WHITE for goodness sakes - what was I thinking?) - plus I have this awesome recipe for black bean burritos. Black beans and white Crockpot don't mix. Then the handle fell off the lid. It sat around and waited to be fixed for a few months. Finally, one day Wes fixed it. Then, I used it and used it again. Then we had the great oven fiasco of 2010 and it was nearly used every day. The screw he put on the handle eventually rusted away and I was left with a gimpy lid again. What is a girl to do? ♥ Buy a brand new one for herself. ♥

PS:Sorry for the crooked picture - I am having issues.
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