Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A month in pictures..

I think it has been awhile. I am not sure how long - but I am sure you missed me terribly. Yep.

My BFF-4EVER and I loaded up our 6 kids and took them to Nordstrom. Crazy? Yes. Fun? yes.

The first nice day this year we decided to grill hamburger and have a backyard picnic.

He ate that burger like a champ.
The girls enjoyed it very much.

My BFF-4EVER and I also had a yard sale. Annabelle and Kamron had a lemonade stand. They are quite convincing and they sold a couple of jugs of lemonade that day even though it was chilly!
They are pretty adorable.

I got a year older last week so I indulged to make myself feel better. I baked this cake. I hadn't baked in a long time (see below). It is fresh strawberry cake with fresh strawberry icing. Yummy!
Actually, I had several cakes. Make that 3 and also a set of brownie cheesecake bites.
And friends brought me beautiful flowers! I love my friends.

Wes and I attended a Dean's list honor luncheon.
I am going to miss the beautiful campus after he graduates.
He also got his cap and gown!

This blog post is almost finished, I promise!

Look at that lasagna get all bubbly in my brand new Whirlpool double oven!!!!!! Stop drooling!
Random pictures from ny birthday party at Beaumont Ranch...
Will likes pool.
Yep, that's me riding a mechanical bull.
Yep, that's me after I fell off...
Annabelle did it, too. She didn't ride until she fell off. She just rode it and got off when she was ready to stop. She sure was brave!
I hope you enjoyed this month in pictures! I love your comments!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

homeschoolers are...


I have been quite busy getting settled in here at the new house and keeping up with daily life. I am pleased that we have gotten back into a regular schedule with school (after taking 2 weeks off). Annabelle is doing sight words, lots of directional learning (not sure what you call it - I just made that up) and Abby is diligently working through her language arts and is making some neat things in her art class. For extra-curriculars, Annabelle still does dance class (though her blankie stays near her face the whole time and I've contemplated having it sewn into her costume for the recital in May) and Abby will soon be learning sewing from a super awesome friend named Anna who mentions me here. She does beautiful work and I am humbled that she wanted Abby to come hang out and do projects with her. I am afraid that my poor little homeschooler has gotten bored so this will be great for her! I am learning to be diligent to housework and packing my schedule with playdates (for sanity!). We attend MOPS where Abby is helping with Will's age group. We also added a few new pets to our family. They don't really have names but that's okay. One did not live long enough to get one. My sister gave the kids this tank and took the girls to pick out a fish for each of the three kids. Unfortunately, Abby's bit the dust (we tried to return it in a sandwich baggie but they wouldn't take it back). Annabelle's is the white one and Will's is the multi colored darting towards the bottom the the tank. :-) Will is fascinated by them.
Wes will get his cap and gown Saturday and also we'll buy his class ring and graduation announcements. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm!

This post was all over the place, sorry. Drop me a line (or a blog-comment) some time.