Monday, November 16, 2009

My lessons got a little more complex this week as I mapped out our work last night. Wes and I sat down and made a few objectives. Here is what we are doing:

Math- multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers with decimals, timed math skills
Reading- When Zachary Beaver Came to Town
Writing- She is doing brainstorming, a rough & final draft and illustrating a paper on "why the world would be different without tv? Good? Bad?"
Language Arts- Grammar and vocabulary
Art- making stamps in class for some note cards

Letters- M, N and O
Learning about Indians and will have a "feast" in class Wednesday
Painted a picture about her favorite thing she did this week

It's not complex. We hit a few snags today. Mondays are hard especially after such a fun weekend. Abby got to go to Great Wolf lodge where they have a huge indoor waterpark. She spent a couple of days there so she was pretty waterlogged and tired when she came home. So, I am learning a bit with this whole preparing objectives thing. I hope I am getting better. We are all learning together. I think the most difficult thing for me is juggling the usual household things and schoolwork. It's hard for me to seperate the two. We'll get through this!

Monday, November 9, 2009


There is something so totally wrong with this picture. Yep, they are all mismatched.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Okay, so that's not a word. I won't be teaching Abby words like strategery or ignorarrogance. But I have been a bit elusive. Someone stopped me at church and said I hadn't written all week. There are 2 reasons for that:
1. I was at a conference for pastoral/leadership staff for several days.
2. No one comments on my posts so I have no idea you are reading it.

Please, follow and I love to see your comments! It makes me think I am not just writing to myself. :-) Wait, I might be..but you are reading this, so I am not just writing to myself...right?

So as far as this past week is concerned, I am afr
aid I was a miserable failure. Well, I just had bad timing in starting all of this. I had the Trunk or Treat thing last weekend, then I had bunches of housework following that. We got some stuff done Monday-Wednesday. And just when I was in the groove, the conference started Thursday, so the kids went o Miss Donna's a.k.a their favorite place in the world and they did some work there. My conference was awesome. With the ministry that I have, it's hard to get away some times and just worship the Lord. I truly had one of those heart filling, mountain-top type experiences. I needed it because burnout happens so easily. If you've never heard Francis Chan or Matt Chandler speak, I would encourage you to listen to a sermon or two online. Wow. Anyway, back to church today and we shall have a productive week this week hopefully now that everything has calmed down. I will leave you with a picture or two (or more) for fun.

Will working on his times tables.
My Abby girl
Conference fun-ness

Monday, November 2, 2009

First Day

Well, we started home schooling today. Annabelle did her work and Will was very happy scribbling in my lap while Abby picked up her room then Abby started on hers. She did a lot of math today but I realized something that might hinder us a bit. She doesn't know all of her times tables. Yup, that's right. Somehow she received commended performance on her TAKS math portion for several years without knowing her times tables. I drew her out a table and had her fill in the numbers. This will be her only "calculator" for quite some time. She went outside and found 4 types of leaves per her science book, but otherwise, we just kind of did house work after the crazy Trunk or Treat weekend. I bought a book at Sams Club for her to go through while I am looking for more stuff to do. Tomorrow she'll be in the home school room at church while I go to Bible Study. Wish us luck! We had a few snags today, it can only get better, right?