Wednesday, October 28, 2009

decisions, decisions

So I did my normal SALT coop day today with the little two. I do sitting during the classes which covers the cost of Annabelle's little preschool class each month exactly. I have made quite a few friends there (this is a big deal since none of them go to church there). I am going to have a hard time paying for Abby's classes as the sitting doesn't cover any of those fees and I'll have to buy materials and whatnot, but since we live within ( actually way under) our means, I think we'll be fine. I am in the process of making our weekly schedule. I want to go to Office Depot or somewhere to buy one of those marker boards with the calendar on it so I can map out our weeks chores and school. I am struggling with self control these days so it'll be interesting to see how close I can stick to it. I got Abby's first workbook today from her coop teacher. She is quite a bit behind so she'll have some catch-up to do. Luckily Life Charter has her way ahead of her grade level so it should be okay for now. Also, I am contemplating doing a Fun Food (or craft) Friday each week. I want to find a junior food science book she can cook through that has things mapped out. Any suggestions? Please pass it along. Off to pick her up from school now. I will NOT miss loading up all the kids in the car seats at 3:15 each day!!!

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