Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pro-con list

I am a list fanatic. It's another way that I cope with my ADD. So here goes one of my famous pro-con lists. Enjoy!

Teaching at Home

  1. make my own schedule
  2. no herding of my children
  3. choose electives
  4. no expensive uniforms
  5. no ridiculous rules like what color pens you can use
  6. there aren't 30+ children per classroom
  7. no materials fees
  8. no bad influences
  9. I actually know what they are learning
  10. no TAKS tests!!
  11. no packing lunches
  12. less miles on the van
  13. more time for fun
  14. no packing in and out of the van at terrible times of day
  15. no science projects that need to be done just so
  16. coop classes!
  17. God tells me to
  18. no overstressed, overextended and discouraged children
  19. no one telling me what to do
  20. not tied down to a school district or location when buying a home (big one)
I am sure I could come up with many more....
So here is the Con list:


  1. motivation
  2. organization
  3. making sure her learning is balanced
  4. my own inadequacy as having basically an 8th grade education (though I have high grammar/writing/reading skills)
  5. making a schedule
  6. buying books and/or finding them
  7. the kids don't go away much (time for me)
  8. room for learning in the tiny house
  9. The stereotype of home-schoolers (this is big)
Okay, really, that's all I can come up with for now. It clearly outweighs the Cons. Success!

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  1. Let me clarify - I do have a general equivalency diploma so I guess the powers-that-be think I have mastered most the skill sets necessary to survive in the world. :-)