Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rest In Peace

Dearest Coffee Pot,

I loved you. At the hands of my own flesh and blood you died. Will wanted to "cook" with you and didn't know his own strength. We have had a good, long 4 years with you. You have provided me with much comfort and pleasure in the mornings and, quite often, the afternoons. You matched my kitchen appliances. You were dirty because you were so frequently used. You are dear to my heart. But alas, all good things come to an end some time. I am just thankful I was not here to bear witness to your death. Tomorrow will be the "new normal" and I will go out and purchase a new, probably more expensive coffee maker. Just know that you were loved for the short time that I had you. Rest in peace dear one.

Your Adoring Fan,
The one who uses creamer


  1. From one coffee lover to the next...sorry to hear of your loss. :)

  2. Oh I am sooo sorry, but life does go on.I know it may seem like things will never be the same, but things will get bettter and in time the pain will lessen. You may even come to love your new coffee maker with the same love you did your old faithful friend.If you ever need to talk, just call. Just Me

  3. Sorry to hear about the "revenge of the modern conveniences" remember: coffee makers are such temporal creatures. Just Me's friend.

  4. sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved coffee maker--I think I had the pleasure of a cup or two from that machine! Did you already get a new one?

  5. I do believe you did have the pleasure of a few cups. :-) No, we are using it ghetto style right now and sticking a saucepan/ random tall mugs underneath to catch the drip. :-( I'd like a new one but probably not until after the holiday season...