Tuesday, February 16, 2010

is moving in snow a winter Olympic sport?

It should be! Wes and some friends of ours (okay, maybe not after this) moved a piano over snow (up and down stairs no less!). They should get at least a bronze or something. Piano luging or something. Yeah, that's what we'll call it.

Well, that was an experience. I won't say how cold it was, or how slushy it was or how cold it was. I will only say that it is done. We moved in record Texas snowfall last Friday and Saturday. I can only say that we *may* look back at it in 35 years (of course, we will still be living here because of the scarring the move produced) and laugh. Maybe it'll be more like 36 years. Hey, whatever. It's done, right? Please relish with me in these wonderful photos of our move. I love my house.

This shows only a few inches. We had nearly a foot more to go before it topped out!
The kids had loads of fun running around an empty house! This is their room above.

This room has lots of names. We can't quite figure out what to call it so maybe you can help? It is on the opposite side of the house from the other rooms. It has a linoleum tile and a closet. It also is in the hallway with a half bath, laundry room and the door to the garage. We have called it all of these names:
the back room
the study
the 4th bedroom
the auxillory room
the crap room (that was Wes, sorry y'all)
the office
the storage room
the home school room

I guess it is a moot point since it just has stuff that landed waiting for it's home so maybe we can call it simply "the landing". What do you think?
This is us in the entry way. It's probably my favorite part of the house. You can't see it but it has an old-timey mail slot in the door. :-) I love it.
This was the cruddy part. There were motorists stranded in snow, slush and ice. People abandoned their cars to go home and wait for the thaw. Us? Nah, we got it. Just hop on in Donna Lasater's moving truck. You're good to go. This thing plowed right over all that silly ice. Wes is using a broom to sweep the 8-10 inches of snow off the truck so we could see.
Man, I have good timing, let me tell ya...

We're home!
Isn't it beautiful?

Stop by for some coffee some time, y'all! Just give me 30 minutes notice to throw stuff in the landing room. :~)


  1. I love all the photos of the new house. the last one though is incredible! What a shot. It could be a christmas card. And I think "the landing" is perfect. haha.


  2. I am so happy for all of you! I know you will get down to easier living soon! Don't stress out over getting everything done immediately. Everything will find a place. I agree that the last picture should be your Christmas card next year. Thanks for sharing your courageous adventure. Just Me

  3. Oh, it's beautiful. And I love the front doors... a mail slot!!!!

  4. Love it all - agree with all the comments.
    Can't wait to get home and visit with you. Gigi

  5. I forgot about the glass in the doors. LOVE! Such a cool house, and it seems to fit you guys so well. I don't know what you should call the room, but it does need a name for when you are telling the kids to hurry and put all this stuff in there. If you don't, you'll lose valuable time. I like the landing, too. Funny.

    BTW, are you the one who put the surprise for me in Donnie's mailbox at church? Let me know!

  6. Anna, I am a little hurt that you don't remember my lovely shelf liner. :~)You would not believe some of the cool vintage stuff Mr. Sanford left here! Wanna come over for a playdate/coffee when everyone is all healed from sickness?

  7. Of course I remembered! But when I asked for some, I was expecting a little 6x6 inch square from the actual shelves...not a full roll, with original pricetag still on! I love it. Thanks so much.

  8. Oh, don't worry. There are two more rolls where that came from. :~) I thought you would think it was cool with the original price tag. I am such a sap when it comes to that stuff.

    I will have to tell you the story of this house when you come. It made me weepy. It's so sweet.

  9. love the pictures!! can't wait to see your home in person. :)