Saturday, February 6, 2010

My favorite question of the week..

"Pointy house"

About a year ago, Annabelle asked for a pointy house. Can you imagine her excitement to find out we were getting one? That's what we call the new house now.

We are working really hard to get stuff packed

Scenario: Abby is packing up her bathroom. Keep in mind we are moving a week from today. "Mommy, are you going to bathe the kids this week?".

These are my kids I watch on Wednesdays, plus a few extra special friends

These are Will's friends, Ryan and Dylan.

When I say friend, I mean that they play next to each other and fight mostly. For those of you who are out of practice with this age, that means they are best friends. ☺

Me and Annabelle at a special friend's birthday party.


  1. Hilarious. You don't have to be in packing mode to have that kind of week, though. I'm finally coming out of the tunnel enough to visit friends' blogs. I love yours.