Thursday, August 19, 2010

some words from the "other one"

The kids with their new adorable matching hats

Over the past 8 months or so it has become painfully obvious that the youngest one has some speech delay. After much hemming and hawing and red tape, I was able to get him in to a private pediatric therapy company (I happened upon a friend of a friend who worked at this company). He started seeing "Miss Lucy" late in the spring. Miss Lucy is the highlight of his day because she gives him undivided attention and sisters aren't allowed to participate and she is super fun to play with! When he started, he was only able to say Momma and used that for everything. He could sign 'more', 'drink' and 'all-done'. My how he has grown! Here are some things he is working on:

  • He can repeat any word you say like pizza, hot dog, wheelbarrow (I like that one), chicken, meat, zoo, juice, water, tower, zebra, donut, please, push, Coke (yikes, I know), and pretty much anything else including 2 and 3 syllable words.
  • He was not working on colors and numbers before now because it was much too difficult for him to pronounce them. Now he is masters 1,2,3,4 and 5 and can recognize blue, yellow, white, black and red.
  • Miss Lucy also said the he completely understand pronouns which is really a very good thing for his age. He understands that when you say 'mine' it is yours and when he says 'mine' it is his.
  • He is putting two words together now. He came and told me to 'wake up' today! I hear him trying to say full sentences but I am probably the only one to hear them since I am his mother. :-)
  • He has very good receptive language and understands most everything you tell him and he follows directions very well. He is very sociable and recognizes social cues. I am sure this has helped speed his progress a long because of his ability to do these before therapy started. For that I am super thankful.

I know it may sound like it is a slow progress since he should have mastered a lot of these skills nearly a full year ago but I am so happy with his progress. If this has only been 3 months worth of therapy, I can't imagine where he will be this time next year. Rejoice with me!



  1. I am glad you think so, Anonymous! :-) It is pretty great!

  2. He is a gifted child, Amy---now he will be able to articulate just how special he is!!!

  3. That's fantastic news!We will have to get together soon so I can hear Will's new words!!

  4. I am so glad that you are seeing his progress, and rejoicing in it! Love the picture of the kids in their hats. Thanks for sharing it! Just Me