Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great Day!

I never would have believed we would have such nice weather the last weekend in January. My wife suggested we go to the park yesterday and I was more than happy to comply. Most of these have been posted to Facebook, but they're here in compiled form for your enjoyment.

The picture at the top is the boy and I. The original plan was to get onto the limb and take a picture, but I got horribly stung by ants last time and discretion is the better part of valor.

Today I put up our ceiling fan we found at Texas Thrift on date night Thursday. Among other things I found I couldn't do without - a copy of "The Racquetball Book" (very old school, very short shorts on men), Levis for five bucks, and a brown leather dress belt. First reaction to the dress belt, "Sure that's not a women's belt?" Do they make women's Dockers - oh wait, I just remembered - they do... Eh, whatever.

Last but not least that one really enjoys her six inch stilts, especially when somebody is taking her picture :-) Oh, and if I mention I have an interest in going to bible school, stop me dead in my tracks - you'll save everybody a lot of trouble. (One person is guaranteed to smile at this)


  1. I like the new "addition" to the name of the blog ;)

  2. Nice name for the accidental link too LOL! :)