Sunday, January 9, 2011

My office smells of rich mahogany

* I don't like snow much. I would say that this is the first snow that we've had in this new house and get all sentimental - but, ya know - we had that snow storm the day we moved in. It's kinda lost it's novelty with this Texan. The kids enjoyed it very much, then they went straight into the hot bath to thaw before time for AWANA time.

* Our pups got fixed. I felt bad leaving them there for such a cruel procedure. I also felt bad about not leaving their comfy pillow to lay on post-op. They lived. They were a bit sad looking at first but have perked up nicely. My husband brought them home flowers on the big day. They have become so well trained over the past several weeks. They know the rules and follow them. I couldn't have asked for better timing as to when they get housebroken.
(They got Milk Bones for Christmas)

*I have taken to watching the Universal Sports channel out of sheer sickness and boredom. Skiing is kinda interesting - even though I hate snow - it is quite interesting to watch from my warm bed. So is the Iron Man Marathon. I watched 2008-2010. I have spent a lot of time in my room with a remote and a blankie. Can you tell?

*I ate vegetarian for a week (okay, sorta. The meats I ate don't resemble meat - which is good enough for me!). I like meat but can't seem to look at it quite yet. I *cannot* wait until I can eat again! I love too much for this kind of life!

*I told someone today that when you hit child number four, it's all about logistics. Can anyone relate?

*My office smells of rich mahogany. Okay, not really. But my new desk and shelves smell new and fresh.

* I was so desperate to provide for my family that I took my husband to the boxed food area at Sam's Club and let him pick out things he could make. I don't like prepared food. Most everything I make is made from a lot of ingredients I put together. I thought that prepared foods were more expensive - but I am almost thinking they are more cost effective when bought in bulk to feed a large family. I will now, obviously be cooking in bulk for a good amount of years so I may look into getting a deep/upright freezer and putting a few bulk things in.

*School starts tomorrow. Home schooled kids don't get bad weather days.
(Our pups with their pup cousins)

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  1. Dang, y'all did get snow! It rained here for hours before the snow hit, so NONE of it stuck in our area. But I like being able to sit and watch the big, fat flakes fall down, then get in my car and not have to worry about ice on the roads yesterday.