Friday, February 4, 2011

19 degree cold heart

This post is to quell the rumors that I am a snow scrooge and that my heart is as cold as north Texas snow. I do enjoy seeing my family play in it and I have pictures to prove it! Please take note that I am not condoning snow - I prefer summer -but I *guess* I can see why some people would like it.

He enjoyed playing inside with the pups today. Do you think the dog liked it?

My son is pathetic without his glove. Note the project the oldest is working on.

They worked on this for hours today. It took wheelbarrows, shovels, Rubbermaid lids, sandbox lids and lots of hands to create this.

Enjoy! In the meantime, I will be pining for springtime...


  1. I love that! They look like they are having so much fun. :)

    I love little kids giggling!

  2. Now they need to build snow steps to get up there easier!

  3. They had a ladder but my conscience asked them to remove it. :-)