Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few Chuckles.

No children, that's not the morning sun coming through your window. That's the late evening sun of June at 7:42 - time to lay down. I had a few funny quotable moments I thought I would share from today and yesterday.

Recently my wife tells me, "You watch the other one in the bathtub and make sure he doesn't drown. The last thing I need is to go to jail after a day like today."

Yesterday my wife was telling about her new Mother's Day Out program she's thinking about doing. We were talking about why moms need time off and in the middle of the conversation it came to me that even prisoners get rec time - and I said it out loud.

And one more thing, how many of you women out there think Batman can FLY? Good grief, even I know not to voice my deep yearning questions about superwoman powers, like walking on high heels or getting ketchup stains out of white shirts. Oh and Batman doesn't SAY anything, he's the strong and silent type. ;-)

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this, gave me a good laugh!