Thursday, December 29, 2011

Timing - Part Two

The Other One and his first Christmas present.

So since graduating, my dear, sweet and smart husband has been looking for a teaching job to open up. Many interviews and disappointments later, he decided to leave it to the Lord and His timing. It's been agonizing for him. He feels compelled to teach and he feels gifted in such a way (he is a very good teacher). It made me sad to see such a wonderful gift go unused and to see him discouraged. So, in the meantime, he has taken several tutoring students in our home to keep his skills up and hone them - it also helped make ends meet since Another One was born. A Facebook message two weeks ago, a job application and resume' submitted, and two interviews later - he now has a teaching position! You may wonder how that fits with Part One of my story. Without giving too much detail for security, his job will be working with at-risk teens in the state care system. BAM. There is the exact place the Lord was nudging us towards. Exactly.

I wish I could say I'd be fostering, but lets face it. It's crazy here. I really do want to get involved and my hope is that I can find a way to help out once he gets acquainted in his school. I have a heart for children who have no loving family. I have a few strikes against me for fostering anyway: taking kids to work. While it is safe, I can't always completely supervise my kids from my office - I have to trust they are staying out of trouble within earshot. I can do that better with the children I have reared on my own and understand their temperaments, not so much with others - even children I know well. You are not allowed to home-school foster children. I'm afraid this might cause a chasm with a foster child and it may look preferential.

I really want to. Our life is full of crazies right now though. I look forward to the possibility some day.

In HIS timing.

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  1. I read you blog with great interest. 35 yrs ago my first husband and I fostered at risk teens. That was in Pennsylvania. We moved to Tx. and adopted 2 children here and then, as a widow, I adopted Banner. You just never know what the Lord has ahead for you if you keep your heart open. My 41 yr old son and his wife had 5 girls and have adopted 4 boys.