Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amanda Grace

I received this doll that was made to look like me when I was in my late teens. It was super fun to have, but I was obviously out of the doll make-believe stage at that time in my life. I've hung onto it for all these years because it is special to me. Unfortunately, she had a mishap involving two puppies and a couple of plastic doll limbs. Now that my daughter is turning 7, she's expressed a lot of interest in American Girl dolls and also has shown her ability to care for one (that's no small accomplishment!). I wanted to give her a new one made just for her, but it is expensive! So, I decided to give her mine! We brainstormed ideas about how to repair her. "Maybe if we put long satin gloves and buy her tall socks and boots?". I found the Doll Hospital online out of curiosity. So, we shoved her (lovingly) into a box and sent her to the UPS store. The UPS guy freaked out because he saw what was inside - due to my misplacement of our packing tape. I wonder if they take pictures of weird stuff people mail and laugh when we walk out? Hmm.
 Before we sent her off, we named her "Amanda Grace" - she never had a name before!
 Her skin was cleaned, hair brushed, and adorned with a new gown, 
hospital bracelet and socks and a ribbon in her hair.
 And new limbs! No more see-through feet and hands!
 She has a certificate of health. But she needs bed-rest and healthy food for one week.
 We had a tea party in her honor.
 Daddy played along. Only because it was our lunch and he was hungry.
 Our tea was iced for the kids.
Welcome home Amanda Grace!

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