Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Changes, Preparations, Plans

 A few weeks ago, my husband was offered to go to a foreign country to teach for a few weeks. It was a paid trip (minus the passport and travel insurance) and it would have been an excellent opportunity for him. So, a whole whirlwind of travel plans and paperwork, and a whole HEAP of CRAZY stress later, they had cancelled a teacher in the program (2 weeks from the date he is supposed to be in the other country, mind you). So, they asked if he could switch to another, more sensitive country for longer, with probably less contact with us, that he'd have to pay some extra money for (money we don't have). Of course, we had no idea that it was going to cost more (visa, more expensive travel insurance, etcetera) but we had already invested countless hours in the process of gathering documents and whatnot and he's always dreamed of teaching overseas. So he decided to go for it.

 Enter his wife. The one with four kids and a hefty job. And the one who wanted a vacation. The wife who is really selfish and wants to not single parent for 4 weeks. It's been hard to go through the process of preparing. I've really had to think about day to day tactics of parenting 4 and what kind of scenarios I will find myself in. I've recently discovered my job will be taking on some extra responsibilities. Most (read: all) of my peers, small group friends and family friends are gone for the summer, and I might get very lonely.

Things I need a little more trust in:
* finances. We're struggling with the extra weight of the trip, not to mention trying to figure out paying for a high school (yeah, HIGH SCHOOL) this coming year
* things to keep me and the kids occupied without going stir crazy
* for my husband's safety and well-being. Rumor has it he complains about food. ;-) I don't think it will be appealing where he is headed. 
* Worry about him getting sick or injured.
* my safety here
* all of the 'man things' that need doing around here. What if the toilet overflows, the car has a flat, the lawn has an issue, broken garage door.. I'm scared just thinking about it.
* for the extra weight of my job
* missing two kids' birthdays (big milestone years!)
* missing him!

Things I am thankful for

* such a cool opportunity opening up for him to do what he loves
* for a grandma who can at least keep the older kids a little while 
* for my dance class each week - I might be able to go kid-free!
* for the ability to hire teenage sitters at work so I don't have to occupy children while typing
* for coupons to my favorite thrift store (hello, air conditioning) - that might be my only grown up time
* for my mom offering to stay on the weekends possibly
* for church
Overall, I think it will be a neat opportunity for him. I'm just praying all the details work. It's been a whirlwind! Keep us in your thoughts!

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