Friday, November 9, 2012


We've always had such wonderful luck with our vehicles - not needing to share a car in recent memory. You can imagine - with our hectic schedules - how it might get interesting when one car went to the shop (we won't even talk numbers here, difficult numbers) and we were having to share between the 6 schedules we juggle.

 We are so blessed to live in an area where the kids' school is 2 blocks away. We've shared two days this week, but the other 2 days, I've been kinda stuck home. It's made me imagine what life would be like if we always shared a car, something quite a few people I know do. It's been kind of nice to walk the kids to school each morning, at preschool pick-up and in the afternoon (six times!). The weather now is absolutely gorgeous (I'm not sure how much I'd love it in rainy or cold weather!). Before school started I told myself that I would walk them more - then life got in the way and it was so much easier to just hop in the car on my way to wherever it is that we go - mostly. Truth is, when I walk them, I feel more connected. Closer to the warm sunny, wind in November, to the oak trees blowing their fall leaves to the ground. Closer to my kids, encouraging them to pick up bright red leaves and acorns and sticks along the way. Closer to what they did during the day, asking questions all the way home and listening to their hearts. Closer to the teachers, we can stop and talk instead of holding up a carpool lane. Closer to my neighbors who are out walking. Closer to housework because there really isn't much better to do - mostly anyway.

 I'm not much for sitting around, reading, sipping tea and napping and sewing or crafting (um, ya, I can't sew). I like to do. I like to be places. That's probably the greatest challenge I had staying home, when I did. I got so lonely. This mini-lock in has helped me to appreciate the ability that I have to get out when I want to. I'm going to enjoy it - that is - until I pay that obscene amount of money to the mechanic and then life will be back to crazy.  Happy walking!

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