Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Picnic for Dinner

Well, that might sound really nice to you. In fact it might be nice. Once. Now I like being outdoors and the kids really enjoy eating outside, too. For some reason they seem to be able to keep their food off the ground and keep quiet when outside. Now let me let you in on a secret. It works for the first couple of days. After that the mosquitoes and ants find you and temperature outside tends to sneak up into the 90+ degree range. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying it and I really truly love eating on this table because I have a really good excuse to put out the pretty daffodil and blue trimmed table cloth that my friend Jill recently gave me. But dude, I want my kitchen back.

It looks as if it won't be happening any time soon (no thanks to Big Bob's tile and the Alfagres tile company). So for now we are resigned to our hot picnic dinners and lunches (and yes people, my kids eat their breakfast outside before their eyes are even open). It's going to be a hundred degrees outside this weekend but I am still not willing to let my kids eat near that ridiculous white carpet. Drive through our alley some time around 5pm and wave at us.

(ours is totally not this nice)

Oh, and pardon all of the pessimism. Things are not panning out this week like I think they should. Me and my silly plans - what are you gonna do...

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