Thursday, July 29, 2010

12 long years ago...

Twelve long years ago I was a very emotionally hurt person. Twelve long years ago I was alone, scared and unsure of my future. Twelve long years ago I was uncomfortably large and barely 17. That morning I remember getting up at a ridiculous hour to check in at the hospital to be induced. The labor was short, so short in fact that I was not allowed pain medication. It hurt. But she was born and she had fluffy black hair and a little squished up face. I named her Abigail Elizabeth. She was just more than 8 pounds. I took her home a day later but on the way, my mom took me to a mexican restaurant to have lunch.

We love you, Abby

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  1. Twelve long years ago God introduced to the world such a special smile, such a love of life, such a joyful, loving young lady!!! Isn't it incredible how God can use our hurts to bless us and so many others at the same time? He is greatly to be praised!!!