Thursday, August 5, 2010

Caulking the holes in my life with Blue Bell.

For some mistaken reason, I thought pieces would all fall into place much more neatly following graduation. Instead, in the span of three months - somehow I ended up on my couch eating a whole pint of Blue Bell to keep from a compulsive addiction I've formed over the last two weeks - filling out teacher applications. I realized how out of control this was when I google mapped Garland to find that it's a round twenty five miles from my house - nevermind they pay better than any other district.

I've been attending the Wednesday night "service" at Faith, and I must say the next to last question was quite relevant. It was something about how do we know if God wants us to pursue our desires. Andy confirmed my desire to be a teacher, stating that as long as our desire could bring God glory - it's OK. I love teaching math, and I love the idea of doing it full time. However, I don't want to let anybody down in the process - and I might have risked that.

I can't help but think this won't happen till I grasp some sense of priority. I've got tasks that have been neglected. I started on the bamboo a couple weeks ago and progress has slowed to a crawl. I'm making a concerted effort to just rest in God's providence for my life and finish what I've started.

After thinking over these things, listening to (highly recommend it), I can't help but have a bright optimism for the calling in Christ that I have. All this said, I'm wondering what eating an entire pint of ice cream will do to me... It's just like drinking a big tall cup of chocolate milk probably.

I love you Amy Basinger, thanks for letting me be a part of your life and your blog. You're right, you do have me - and that's good... because sometimes even the best thought out backup plans can fail :-)

Check out this huge fish I caught ;-)

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  1. I caulk the holes in my life with sweet tea and coffee.