Sunday, March 20, 2011

Over the Fence and Exempt.

What a great weekend to be out with the kids! My wife had breakfast with a friend Saturday morning, so I took the first part of the day to rake leaves. Most people rake in the fall - I had just as good success gathering them from the fence line in the spring. The highlight of the whole experience was getting such good help from our little middle. She stuck hard with me for two hours, I learned hard work from my parents - I don't know where she's picking it up ;-). I hate raking leaves, only a few months till they start falling again.

I threw the Frisbee into the crazy neighbor's lawn though. The oldest one is apparently much less scared of dogs and women who scream at dogs than I am - so she was brave and asked while I kept an eye on her from across the alley.

I've had an interesting couple of weeks, a couple friends have approached me with interest in social marketing. I'm flattered that people want me on their team, but I have to point out that I had trouble giving away free cups of water at the homeschool book fair and I've never sold anybody anything. I couldn't even sell hot chocolate to an Eskimo. I love my predictable, everyday routine at work - starting to think it might be the best thing for me now. And being a math major, I've done the math on how much one can make in MLMs. I love all of you who work so hard on this stuff, I buy your products whenever expedient - but I'm out.

On the other hand, I've been dreaming up an idea - if you're interested in being exempted from social marketing, pay me twenty bucks and then recruit five other friends and...

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  1. Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope you have a fun day! Just Me