Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Princess Mindset

I am not quite sure why my generation chooses to raise their little girls like princesses. In my humble opinion, it is merely setting her up for failure. The truth is, as an adult, nothing stops for her. The chores won't stop when she is sick or it is her birthday, no one comes out of the woodwork and makes her life perfect and solves all her problems. Sometimes she has to do hard things as a grown woman. Sometimes she will be let down. Sometimes the housework and children are overwhelming and the work is heavy and dirty and tiresome. Sometimes, she doesn't quite feel like Cinderella during the ball. Maybe, she just stays Cinderella before and merely gets occasional glimpses of what the royal ball must have been like. I believe as a mother, it is my job to teach my girls hard work is the norm, but to also prepare them for the every-once-in-a-while chance of a ball and the importance- nay, fundamental need - to enjoy it while it lasts, because her chariot will surely turn back into a pumpkin... in this life anyway, until Glory.


  1. Beautiful picture of the "Princess" and the "King and Queen". Life it tough, but you have to relish the "princess" moments. Just Me!

  2. Love, love, love, all the new bluebonnet photos!!! Just Me!