Friday, August 12, 2011

Name That Baby!

(Not the most flattering picture, but we love our stripe-y outfits)

I'm not too keen on the baby's bloggy name. I need your help!

What should I call him besides finale?

The winner gets the satisfaction of knowing the baby got a good bloggy name.


  1. The last one...or the best one.

  2. I agree to go with the "one" theme you have going on I vote for "The Last One"

  3. This One, That One, The Other One, Another One!

    NEVER say 'The Last One' it makes God laugh. ;)

  4. The Last One is just begging to be proved wrong, I agree. So I would advise staying a step ahead and naming him The Penultimate One.

  5. Oh Ethan, that is awesome! It might be a bit much for such a tiny guy...