Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top Ten Moments of My Marriage #10

In Honor of 10 Years of Marriage...

I present the top 10 stories of our marriage over the next 10 days :-)

#10 - "Corny"

Leading up to the summer of our five year anniversary, Amy and I had gone through a Food Network binge.  We were into the Next Food Network Star big time!!  On the long drive down to Galveston for our 5 year anniversary cruise, we busied ourselves by talking about our fields and crops on Farmtown and also about who was going to win the season finale.  We made a deal, whoever's favorite lost had to make a ridiculous dinner of choice for the other.

Well...  I lost, but my amazingly sweet wife still made my over the top corn dinner.  That's right folks, corn on the cob, a corn fritter, canned corn and corn chowder.  I still owe her a dinner of her choice, but I sure enjoyed mine :-)

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